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Nov 18 2011, 01:55 PM
Nov 18 2011, 01:54 PM
Nov 18 2011, 01:50 PM
OMG you guys!!!! There are not enough words to describe today's show...it was horrifying....so twisted....so wrong...but you simply could NOT look away! JS ans AS put so much passion into "the deed" Passion, mixed with grief, mixed with lust, mixed with sadness...Soooo twisted, as I said yesterday ONLY these 2 could have pulled this complex scenario off. Will witnessing them mid-deed was HORRIFYING, you could really feel his heartbreak it was gutwrenching..I think I caught myself with my hands over my eyes (of course peeking between 2 fingers) before he walked in. How how how! does a child fathom how his mother can have sex (AT ALL let alone a scandulous affair) While under the impression her son is dead! Upon hearing Rafe's message, Sami comes home and takes Johnny in her arms and hugs him tight..... the look of contempt on Will's face was indescribable and pure genius, and there was a moment when Sami looks back at will for a split second with wonder...(why is he looking at me like that?) I KNOW! It's wrong! very very wrong....but to be honest, I haven't been affected by an episode like this in years! This is soap opera scandal at it's finest...I give this episode a 2 thumbs up!
Hey Sal, was Jack on today's show?
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