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Nov 28 2011, 07:23 PM
Psst...Days, Will has got another Safe harbor in Salem, his grandma Kate and in case you are wondering his father, who lives in Hong Kong loves him too....

I'm telling you, I can't fucking believe Days is doing this story without Lucas around, unless they want to bring Lucas back just when something happens to Will (i.e, near death, hospitalization), which I'm suspecting will happen sometime this spring as he continues to spiral out of control through the winter....if Ej is going to be his enemy, he needs his dad back, so much history there, I can't believe that Days isn't even considering it.....if Will continues to drink, he can even end up driving drunk and ending up in a coma or something....

OH and last time I checked his grandma Kate had money, so why did he have to ask EJ....oh, that's right....tha PLOT....I thought Days wasn't writing plot driven story lines anymore?

At least we got some spoilers out of this....
LL, I totally agree with you. When I watched the EJ/Sami/Will scenes Monday, all I could think of is WHERE IS LUCAS. HE REALLY NEEDS TO COME HOME NOW! Hopefully, someone will call him and tell him he is needed.
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