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Nov 29 2011, 02:32 PM
Nov 29 2011, 02:15 PM
Nov 29 2011, 01:14 PM
Hi All.....Today was mixed....as equally fantastic as it was "shoot me" .Jack was spectacular..he as usual brought me to tears..really opened up to Marlena. Marlena was so supportive and got to Jack in a very special way, like with Drake, he a Marlena have great chemistry.(Ironically at this point he has chemistry with all but Jennifer)I wish he would have just shone on his own without having Jenn and Daniel in other scenes making my blood boil. Now as the spoilers stated it was suppost to be ONE freaking kiss by a "fire". There was no fire and they were making out the whole f****** episode, she was all over him like a desperate teenager. Raving to hope about how dreamy he is...that she once knew that Jack was the only one she could love..but now she is unsure..Daniel finds a wedding picture of JNJ and Jennifer is simply HORRIFIED. One of my fellow JnJ..or mourning JnJ fans please put a rose on Jennifer's tombstone for me.I don't know if they're just dumb, or there is some strategy in pissing off the fans by putting traumatic scenes of Jack alongside that Jen and Daniel lovefest. Anyways...Madison and Brady had some steamy scenes...however Madison put the breaks on before the deed was done. so castlist for today (I think that was the request) Was Jack, Marlena(fantastic) Jenn, Daniel(Barfalicious), Bo, Hope, Madison, Brady (steamy).
Thanks for the recap. Could someone please tell me how in the hell this triangle is "balanced?" Because that's what I keep hearing from TIIC and MR the Dannifer cheerleader. How is it balanced when it's obvious that Jennifer only cares for Daniel and treats Jack like shit? I really wish they would let Jennifer choose Daniel once and for all and continue to let Jack have his own story. MA has once again proven that he does not need Jack to be in a storyline with Jennifer in order to be interesting. Let Daniel have Jennifer and they can go live their perfectly perfect life in complete perfection.
I'd rather Jack make the decision for her and tell her to pound sand. She told Jack back about a month ago that he was wrong for thinking he was the only man she could ever love. And I want more than anything for that statement to come back and blow up in her face. Because the truth is she thinks she is the only woman Jack will ever love, that is why she throws man after man in his face and thinks it's okay. And time after time he forgives her for it. It's past time for Jack to wake up and realize that he is capable of loving someone else and have enough self-respect to tell her and her perfect boyfriend to go jump in a river.

The juxtaposition between Jack falling apart and pouring out his heart to Marlena, and Bitchifer being all over Dr. Douche makes her look really, really bad. A selfish skank desperate to be "off with the old, and on with the new." And her being horrified that Daniel saw her wedding photo? Holy crap. If she'd at least own her past with Jack, I could have some respect for her. Instead she continually downplays, denigrates, or outright denies it. What a coward. I guess she has no confidence that Daniel would want her if he knew just how strong her connection to Jack is and likely always will be.

Fine--let her have this paragon she barely knows. Let her have everything she's convinced herself she wants. And then let her find out it's every bit as flawed and imperfect as the other relationship in her life. You know, the one that lasted 20 years, with What's-His-Name?

Except that Jack's love has been tested, proven, and found true. Daniel's, not so much--just ask Chloe.
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