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Nov 29 2011, 03:13 PM
OMG Can someone PLEASE tell me how old Jennifer is!? She's acting like some love struck 13 year old. It's disgusting! :puke:

I think MarDar need to look up the definition of balanced.
Just reading the recap makes me hate her even more. Daniel is "dreamy?" What is she, Marcia Brady talking about Davey Jones?? Then she says she misses him and wishes that she could have spent Thanksgiving with him. Well so much for Jack and Abigail, I guess Thanksgiving just sucked for Jen without Dr. Orange Magic Weiner. And how come she never mentions her son JJ? They've made her an immature moron and I cannot wait to hear more of her inane dialogue in her scenes with Daniel. "Oh my gawsh, you are sooooo AWESOME and perfect, not to mention thoughtful, perfect, wonderful and perfect." :shame: I hate this character now, she sucks.
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