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WOW! That's my knee jerk reaction to Matt Ashford today. He was phenomenal! His facial expressions, his body language, his breathing, the catch in his voice, the tears in his voices, the visuals he painted with his words ... his eyes. And what about getting to the bottom of all the times he took off - all goes back to Harper. He worshipped that man, idolized him, wanted to be just like him and then to find out that everything he believed about the man he called father was a lie was the ultimate betrayal in his eyes. So we find out that Jack can't handle being let down by the ones he loves. That final segment of Jack and Marlena will tear at your heartstrings ... Jack breaking down and Marlena getting down on her knees and enfolding him in her arms saying 'I've got you' as he sobs - very well done.

I liked the scenes between Bo, Hope, Jen and Daniel and the scenes between Hope and Jen. The writers are very smart in my estimation because they really highlighted lightness between Jen and Dan today - almost like they're showing us the huge contrast between the two relationships - Jen and Dan are lightweight ... fluff ... really to the juggernaut that is Jack and Jen who have such a deep, complex history between them.

I do see a ton of chemistry between Brady and Madison but the lady has to make up mind already!
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