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Season 6 is very different. I think in a good way. I've enjoyed it. It's been ebbing and flowing. Several big twists just occurred. I do think the show could use it's supporting cast a bit more, as much as I love Dexter and Debra, the others are interesting, too.

Season 4 was absolutely fantastic. Soooo good! Season 5 was MUCH better than I anticipated it being. It started slow, IMO, but I LOVED Lumen. Season's 1 and 2 were also very good with really interesting plotlines. Season 3 was the weakest, IMO. It's the season I really started to dislike Rita, which was a shame as I loved her initially. Her character really changed.

I don't think this show has had a truly BAD season. I think Season 6 is getting mixed reviews, but I've found it to be really good and interesting. It's been a great look at the Debra character and Dexter has grown so much. When you ignore the main plot, you see so much character development between those two.
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