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Ian Buchanan is not being brought on to replace Stefano. The show needs more bad guys besides just the DiMeras so I'm very happy to have him join the cast. He will be great.

As far As Joe Mascolo's reduced airtime...its probably better for him personally and he might have requested it so I can't complain. He is getting up there and I would rather have a little Stefano than none at all. If he retires from acting completely, I don't even know if I could continue to watch DAYS. Stefano is basically the backbone of DAYS and has been since the early-80s. He is as important as anyone else on the show. He's changed a lot in recent years, but I'm fine with it because I don't want to see a return to the completely off the wall storylines. I wouldn't mind seeing Stefano holding someone in a cage and threatening them or torturing them in some way, though. The stupid Rafe doppelganger storyline was almost a throwback to the old Stefano, but the storyline sucked so bad that it just fell flat.

I'm going to enjoy seeing this EJ/Susan/Stefano/Hope thing play out and see where they go from there. I hope they never kill Stefano off and I doubt they will. I think JM will have some say and when and how Stefano is eventually written off.
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