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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Nov 30 2011, 01:18 PM
I've always felt that less is more with Stefano. I miss the Days when he would wreak havoc for a story arc or two and then go away for a while. Keeping him on canvas indefinitely without a real plan has not made sense for the character, IMO. I hope this is Mascolo's choice, but I don't really enjoy this version of Stefano mostly as a sounding board for EJ.
That is exactly how I feel about Stefano and that is why I've become less and less of a 'fan' of him the last couple of years. I know that they got rid of him not even 4 years ago and then he returned in 2008, but he's been on virtually non stop ever since. I've always felt that villains the like of Stefano and Ej, need to reek havoc for a short arc and then be written off temporarily only to return with a vengeance later on down the line. The constant showcasing of Ej particular, but also Stefano the last few years have virtually made both men seem like their mystique has been eliminated. Salemites use to fear Stefano, but no longer, now they simply eat chowder with him at the pub...lol.
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