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If he isnt happy about this Im sure we will hear about it. Im just worried this is a way to write him out. We have Lexie and Chad who dont want to be Dimera's and EJ might get unDimeraed down the road. :scared: I just dont think this is his choice. :shrug:

I agree force Semi- retirement..No..I mean I don't think he likes this at all..they also cut Lauren Koslow airtime too if you notice...NO JOE NO SHOW..we need to protest..if this is joe's choice then I am happy for him but if this away to push the baddies out of the way ..which they claim they would when they took over the reigns...then we need to be heard...how stupid is to have no stefano when his son is kidnapped..they should just kidnapped sonny and will...no this is forced until I hear other wise and we need to let DAY know we don't like this :soapbox:
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