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^ My face watching DAYS

Pretty good show so far....

-Austin getting pissed at Carrie for doing what she wants all the time without consulting him...he is right...she does...I am glad he told her how he is feeling.

-LOL at Gabi telling the girls Will wants to move in and Melanie laughing and says "At his mom's?" lol.

-Give Sarah Brown and emmy again..this woman COMMANDS the scene and her scene lambasting Sami and Rafe was DELICIOUS to watch. Gering and Sweeney are so far out of their league its laughable. LOL at Sami going to a fucking spa though when she is working and getting caught...lol...and I LOVED Madison in this scene...she is quickly becoming a fave of mine!

-Ok Abby....TAKE OFF THE HAT...its annoying now....oh ok good she took it off...I hope this is the last we see of it before it becomes even more of a running joke.
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