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Chad and Melanie Kidnapped!

As the Hortons embark on their annual tree-trimming traditions, not everyone is focused on tinsel: Melanie's got eyes for her best friend's man, and surprisingly, he's looking right back! Next, the duo both head to the spa and wind up exposing more than they intended. Had Chad had a change of heart about Abigail? "I think we've just drifted apart, because I'm going through many intense abandonment issues with my father leaving and coming back and kind of pulling the ripcord from he," observes Abigail's portrayer, Kate Mansi, speaking in character. "And in the process of us drifting apart, he begins to have these feelings for someone else."

However, Chad manages to rein himself in long enough to prep for Abigail's big award ceremony. But he turns to the wrong person for help choosing a gift -- Melanie! Consequently, the duo are together when they are captured by thugs who have nefarious plans for the sports website!

Meanwhile, Abigail's off mooning over Austin! "He's just so dreamy!" Mansi says with a grin. "She's drawn to him, because she sees that he's a family man, a good husband, a great guy, and he's worldly, older, intelligent... I think it's enticing."

However, Abigail gets a heaping dose of reality when she and her friends are alerted to Chad and Melanie's plight. Can they meet the kidnappers demands on time?

Realizing that they are not likely to get out alive, a desperate Chad and Melanie throw caution to the wind and confess their feelings. But what about Abigail? In her effort to help, she gets kidnapped herself! And just as she's about to be locked up with Chad and Melanie, the pair lean in for a kiss...
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