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I never got the impression that they were having sex, either. They are into each other, definitely, but I didn't get the feeling that they had gone all the way yet.

Let me tell you why this totally sucks. Abby and Chad had all the makings of a great romance. The bad boy from the bad family falling in love with the good girl, they should have had all sorts of angst from their families trying to keep them apart. But instead, we have enlightened Salemites supporting their being together, and then they split up because Melanie has gone an entire two months without a love interest. If they are sexually active, there should have been a very sweet "first time" scene, something epically romantic. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they have been hooking up this whole time like it was no big deal. Why not? They had story and history and chemistry, but it all wound up one great big wasted opportunity. And since he is the only straight male in this age group, of course he is earmarked for Melanie. Of course he is.
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