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Dec 2 2011, 09:27 PM
idk if my ratings counted, but i was at my parents house last week and they were doing a Neilson book thing, and I made sure and put that I watched Days Monday thru Wednesday. (One day I even put that my sister and mother watched, just because they were in the room while it was on). Anyway....I may have thought the Ejami scene was sickening, but I surely want DOOL to have good ratings!

(Although explaining to my 12 year old sister why it was interesting to watch Hope and Stefano argue about a paperweight was a little, okay A LOT, difficult....basically I was unable to defend it as I too found it ridiculous).
My daughter was in from college, and I put some of her comments in the daily thread for that day.

She swore she'd never give a paperweight as a gift for fear of what anguish it would bring to her future grandchildren. (dripping with sarcasm mind you)

Overall, I think Days is steadly improving. So, the ratings should reflect that.

I've watched for about a month now, everyday, not ff anything.
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