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Sorry i know its all about one couple but i know if Mondays show had tanked say got a 1.5 or 1.6 Ejami would got the blame and i bit worried when i saw the Friday before when it dropped to 1.7 i thought may Monday would be a flop because the rest of that week got good ratings but the ratings went up on Monday during the Ejami sex which made me happy.

Is it true that most fridays are bad days for soaps anyway?

I was told not to worry about that 1.7 to much because it was Friday.

Does no one watch soaps that day or something?
Fridays used to be a big day for soaps, but they haven't been for years. Over the last few years Days has consistently been down on Fridays. There were a few weeks earlier this year when they actually did really well on Fridays, but that's pretty rare and it seems to have stopped. I don't think the 1.7 was anything to worry about either, but mostly because 1.7s have become pretty common.

Here's the thing. Ratings discussion have gotten stuck in a vicious cycle. If you want to praise Ejami for bringing up the ratings, that's fine. But the defense can't be that other people have blamed them in the past (mostly because other people have also blamed Safe, Ejole, and every other possible couple/character combination). If it's wrong to blame them, it's wrong to praise them. That goes for every single fanbase. Anyone can twist any ratings to suit their own agenda, so trying to pin good or bad ratings on anyone is pretty useless.
I get what your saying but this storyline i was told was a huge risk for Days because they never done grieve sex and it could of flopped big time it was a huge gamble because they couldn't possibilty how the GA would be able handle watching two people having sex after finding out their child had died it could of cost them the show if the ratings crashed heavy i just so happy it went the other way.
IDK. They've done grief sex before. That wasn't the issue. I don't think it was that big of a gamble. I can't imagine the show would ever flop or thrive based on one sexual encounter. I don't think the "GA" (which I'm still not convinced exists) is as sensitive as is often implied on the boards.
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