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Dec 3 2011, 10:26 AM
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I get what your saying but this storyline i was told was a huge risk for Days because they never done grieve sex and it could of flopped big time it was a huge gamble because they couldn't possibilty how the GA would be able handle watching two people having sex after finding out their child had died it could of cost them the show if the ratings crashed heavy i just so happy it went the other way.
IDK. They've done grief sex before. That wasn't the issue. I don't think it was that big of a gamble. I can't imagine the show would ever flop or thrive based on one sexual encounter. I don't think the "GA" (which I'm still not convinced exists) is as sensitive as is often implied on the boards.
Do you remember back in February days lost 400,000 viewers?

I think it happened around the time EJ and Rafe were sleeping with Sami and Nicole at the sametime.

That is power of the GA that is why i was worried about this storyline they hated seeing that.
That was weather related, though. They had gone up the week before due to a blizzard, and then they went down when everyone was no longer at home. Don't get me wrong. The show sucked then, but ratings don't exist in a bubble where the only things affecting them are what happens on the show.

Again, I personally don't think the GA exists, at least not in the way we talk about it on the boards. I am starting to believe that the people on the boards have more power than we realize.
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