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Dec 3 2011, 04:19 PM
Dec 3 2011, 02:47 PM
I can't believe we're still having this "so-and-so is responsible for the failure/success of the ratings" debate. Hasn't it been proven a thousand or more times that the success of the ratings depends on much more than just which couple is featured that particular week?

The days of any one character or couple having a significant impact on the ratings (good or bad) are over. The ratings didn't go up last week because the Ejami fanbase is so huge that their viewership will make or break the show (although I'm sure many would like to believe that's the case). The ratings went up because things finally happened in the stories. After weeks of stalling, there was finally movement. There was action. Sami cheating on Rafe was a big part of it, yes, but she could've had sex with Bo and people still would've tuned in just for the trainwreck effect. That's the way it works. When the stories are boring, people don't watch. When the stories are interesting/exciting/crazy/climaxing, people tune in.

If the success of the ratings hinged solely on Ejami, they would always go up when they're on and always go down when they aren't -- but they don't. Putting Ejami together won't "save the show" anymore than reuniting Bope saved it, keeping Safe together saved it, rekindling Ejole saved it, etc. Every fanbase thinks their favorite couple will be the show's salvation, and I totally understand that people want what they want, but let's not act like fanbase pandering is somehow a good thing. It's not. It has pretty much ruined the show these last few years. That's why, rather than begging the writers to put so-and-so together or to give so-and-so a happy ending, I wish people would instead ask for better stories, because that's what's really going to save the show, if anything. Characters and stories > terribly written couples.
I totally agree with you…November was sweeps month, and placing 4th or 5th out of 5 soaps is nothing to dance in the streets about! Actually it’s quite pathetic!
Its the Demos that matter i was told even if Days was in last place NBC wouldn't care as long as they are doing well in women 18 to 49 and 18 to 34 and they are no 1 and 2 that is that matters because that is how they make their money.
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