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Bright Eyes
Dec 4 2011, 09:53 AM
John Black

1) Was thought to be Stefano DiMera

2) Was first revealed to be a surgically altered Roman Brady, eldest child of Shawn and Caroline Brady.

3) He was then revealed to be Forest Alamain, brother of Lawrence Alamain, nephew of Vivian, son of Leopold and Philomena.

4) The third reveal was that he was the son of Daphne DiMera and an unknown father, half-brother of Tony. HIs time with the Alamains was kept in tact as it was explained that Daphne, fearing Stefano, gave her child to Philomena and Leopold to adopt as their own.

5) The last and current reveal is that John Black is actually Ryan Brady, the bastard son of an affair between Santo DiMera, Stefano's father, and Colleen Brady, Shawn Brady Sr.'s older sister. His time with the Alamains is still intact.
Okay, 1-3 are great storylines. Very believable.

4 was just there to fit the plot, but it was fine and gave more reason for everyone to hate each other. He was basically the gardeners son with probably the love of Stefano's life. It created much conflict.

5...one of the worst storylines ever and is currently screwing up almost every possible storyline.

John Black is definitely the most messed with character in DAYS history.

ETA : Well of course, John Black being Roman Brady wasn't even remotely believable because of the size difference, BUT still one of the best storylines ever and gave a ton of iconic material for the rest of the show's run.
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