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Wow, you go back way further than I can even think. I don't know if Tommy Horton technically counts as a parenting change, but he was believed to be someone else when he came to town, but it turned out he was Alice and Tom's son, Tommy Jr. who had gotten amnesia from injuries sustained during a war.

It was more of a reveal than a change, but he still came to town as nobody and ended up a Horton.
I think it should count, IMO.
And, counting that, we all know about the infamous Mike Horton story line, where most people were kept in the dark about Bill, not Mickey, being his true father.

Melissa's paternity also came into question before she was even born. Linda, not yet knowing Mickey was sterile, truthfully believed that Mickey was the father from their affair. Once a DNA test was done, it was proven that Melissa's biological father was Linda's ex-boyfriend, Jim Phillips.

ETA: Even before Mike, David Banning was adopted by Scott and Janet Banning. He lived as Bradley Banning for about a year and a half until Julie figured out he was her baby and successfully sued for full custody after Janet died.

And, more fresh in the viewer's minds, is the baby switch story between Hope and Lexie. The first baby was J.T. Reiber, son of an affair between Glen Reiber and Dr. Rolf's niece, Margo. The second baby was Zach Brady, who Abe and Lexie raised as Isaac.

And later on, Shawn, Belle, Philip and Mimi believed Claire to be Philip and Belle's daughter, but later learned she was, in fact, the daughter of Shawn and Belle. This mix up was all thanks to The Gloved Hand, a.k.a. E.J. DiMera and his lackey, Philip Lockhart.

Furthermore, for a good while Rebecca North kept Doug and others in the dark that Doug was the biological father of her son Dougie LeClair through artificial insemination. When Doug found out, he eventually reliquished any rights to the boy as by that time Robert LeClair was his true father in all the ways that mattered.

And Sarah Horton's paternity changed when it was revealed that Neil Curtis had inseminated Maggie with his sperm and not the deceased Evan Whyland's.

We also had the change of maternity for Eve Donovan when they ret-conned Gabriel Pascal to be her mother and not Emma Donovan.

Tony DiMera lived most of his life believing Stefano was his biological father until Daphne revealed that wasn't the case, leading him to be able to be with Renée, who was tragically murdered by André DiMera soon after.

In addition, Renée believed Lee to be her sister for most of her life until the reveal that she was her mother and Stefano her father.

Though this isn't quite a parental change, we learned Frankie Donner, soon adopted by Shawn and Caroline, to be the biological brother of Carly Manning, their real names being Katerina Von Leuschner and Francois Von Leuschner. Royalty figures which make each a princess and prince, respectively.

Vivian Alamain raised Nikki Alamain as her own, having stolen him from Lawrence and Carly.

Jack learned that Duke Johnson was his biological father and not Harper Deveraux.

Lucas, not knowing his father's identity, learned Bill Horton was his biological father.

We still don't know the identity of Nathan Horton's father.
Very good! Except the niece was not Margo but MarLO and PATRICK Lockhart was EJ's lackey! I normally don't correct people's work but I know that stuff bugs you!
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