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Dec 5 2011, 01:36 PM
Dec 5 2011, 01:14 PM
Today's show was awesome!!! I was really enjoyed watching the SAFE tree trimming scenes, the friction between Will/Sami & Sami/Marlena were ooh so good. EJ is still thinking about Sami sex, while asking Nicole to move in with him. It's pretty clear that when the sex scandal is revealed, Ejami is a real possiblity. At the Horton's, it started off rocky for Jack, when he shows up at Abby's request, unbeknownst to the others. Jen makes it clear she invited Daniel, but as the scenes carried out it was all about JnJ, right up until the Town Square Light. Jen/Jack/Abby/Chad together - Mel/Dan & Maggie . No Mel/Dan pimiping here, the show was done right and in good taste to the memory of the Horton Tree Trimming History.
So she invites Daniel but not Jack? The father of her children and the man who was presented with his ornament by ALICE HERSELF?! Wow....is there a surgeon out there who could extract her head from Daniel's orange ass?
Unbelievable. Married or divorced, Jack is the father of Jen-Jen's children, and he spent last Christmas imprisoned in a cave in Afghanistan. He doesn't deserve to be lopped off the family tree or the Christmas tree because Bitchifer is worshipping at the altar of the Faux-Hortons. It's a disgrace that she invited Daniel but not Jack. At least Abigail has the family feeling that her mother lacks. And now I'm really hoping for karma to catch up to Jen-Jen. The Jonases being de-Hortoned down the road would be a good start.

I'm almost afraid to ask what the Christmas memory they shared was. Jack getting his ornament or the overexposed Santa proposal?
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