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Helpless Romantic

Dec 5 2011, 01:53 PM
Dec 5 2011, 01:31 PM
Can you give me a run down on the Sami/Marlena scenes?
Here are some details. Sami is still angry with Marlena and her arrival at the apartment, as she was invited by Carrie. Marlena did not seem to flinch or reveal any emotion as Sami blasts her & John about being responsible for all the bad things that have happened in her life. She would like John to be locked away forever for putting them through the shooting/ missing Johnny thing. Sami goes overboard (you know Sami always felt that Marlena never put her first) with her rant on Marlena and it is Will takes her down a notch by calling her a hypocrite. Sami still mutters jabs at Marlena, after Rafe describes a new rope hanging tradition that started when they were married, one Marlena says is really nice, and Sami quips she would know about stuff like this, if she (Marlena) only bothered to ask her about wedding, etc. Sami was Sami today, but Will's dialogue was just so much more meaningful and shit disturbing.
I am so glad I missed this today! :puke: :puke: :puke: Sami is so disgusting. NOW I really hope will gives it to her good. She just gets more and more infuriating :angry: Can she die? I would rather Belle be brought back than have Swhiney on my screen bitching about J&M for no reason. This isn't entertaining in the least. I just want her beaten and I am not a violent person. That just tells you how much I LOATHE this childish condesending ungrateful spoiled bitchy brat. How I can't WAIT until her lies are exposed!! You are going down!!!! :jedi: :jedi: :jedi: I have NEVER wanted her to lose EVERYTHING more. Am glad Will calls her a hypocrite. Can't wat until he REALLY gives it to her!!! :cheer: :cheer:
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