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Dec 5 2011, 02:01 PM
Dec 5 2011, 01:49 PM
Flashbacks dont mean anything. if that was the case Chloe and Phillip would be together. How many did we get with them, a thousand? Will is also having them? Does he want to fuck EJ or his mother?
ITA, these flashbacks are to further the plot and to show that Sami and Ej still feel guilty. I know if something similar happened IRL, I would feel horrible about it, and probably continue to regret it as I kept picturing what I did, so I don't think the flashbacks are anything but a plot devise thus far. I'd be worried if Ej flashes back without Nicole in the room, if he has a dream while he's dreaming or if the same happens to Sami. THEN, the story shifts, until then...NOTHING.
This is set up for sami to take EJ from Nicole this is fits in with Ari saying Nicole will never have his heart plus at Day of Days it showed Sami and Nicole and EJ from 2008 and it said Stay tuned for round 2 that is what i was told by several fans that were there sooner or later Sami will be free from Rafe thank god and she will go after EJ and them we will see who he really loves and i bet he will want Sami in the end.
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