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Oh Please Jennifer you are so much better off without Daniel its time to leave him behind and leave him in the dust and stop pushing Jack away.

So what if he saved your life hes saved a lot female patients and then comes onto to everyone of them and wants to sleep with them and then winds up dumping them for the next female patient he saves that comes along.

Hes a sleaze and a cheat and would come onto to even another man's wife or fiancee after saving them too and come onto to them as well hes a hypocrite and would dump you in a heartbeat time to open your eyes to see that Daniel is a hypocrite and cheat and a jerk and wake up to the fact hes goes after all his female patients that he saves and then winds up dumping them for the next one that comes along. Your better off without him Jennifer time to let him go and reconcile with Jack and be with Jack once more.
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