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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Daniel Dumps Jennifer!
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Dec 8 2011, 12:57 AM
Daniel Dumps Jennifer!

Daniel surprises Jennifer with tickets to The Nutcracker, only to learn that Jack is already taking her. Daniel reaches a breaking point and announces to Jennifer that he cannot continue to date her while she's also dating Jack. To Jen's surprise, Daniel makes the decision to end their relationship. "Daniel knows that Jennifer has been so torn by this whole situation," notes Melissa Reeves.

Understandably, Daniel's decision leaves Jennifer heartbroken. "She has always understood that someone would end up being hurt, whether it was Daniel, Jack, her children or even herself," asserts Reeves. "There isn't a solution where someone doesn't end up getting hurt."

Jack takes Jennifer to the Horton Square, where they get something to eat. He crosses paths with Daniel and learns about the breakup. Jack then has a change of heart about his rival. "He realizes that Daniel is a good guy," says Reeves.

Meanwhile, with Daniel out of the picture, Jack assumes that he and Jennifer will reconcile. "In the mist of everything that has happened, Jack still believes that he and Jennifer will go back to the life they once shared," says Reeves. "Jennifer tells Jack that she still loves Daniel."

That night, Jennifer privately reflects on her situation, trying to decide between the men. Jennifer has a history and children with Jack," Reeves points out. "But Daniel is this incredible man who literally saved her life. She has never questioned his loved for her. So Jennifer is really torn."

Original scan courtesy of FL.
Okay, this is the exact same quote she gave in one of her earlier interview. Not that it's a surprise, Missy has been saying the same shit about the stupid triangle for the past three months.

There is nothing new here, it's the same crap that's been happening since the s/l started. Jennifer does something with Jack, Daniel throws a tantrum and leaves Jennifer, Jennifer is heartbroken and takes it out on Jack, than Daniel decides to fight for Jen....... aaaaaaand repeat.

The only thing that's new is now Jack's pimping Daniel. FUCK YOU MarDar :flipoff: :flipoff:
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