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Dec 8 2011, 01:37 AM
The whole Jennifer dating two men at the same time should've never happened. In the beginning, this triangle had so much potential, but that was when I thought the writers would have Jennifer choose Daniel out of spite, but her heart would obviously belong to Jack. That's how it should've been from the beginning.

I am glad it's over and we're moving to a new phase in the story though.
Itīs not moving anywhere. Iīm sure Daniel will have another epiphany and once again decides he has to fight for her. Itīs like they just copied and pasted the episodes from his reaction on the kiss.

Of course, itīs beyond funny that this "stable and understanding" guy goes ballistic just because Jenniferīs ex already invited/took her to the same musical.

And if Jennifer is so in love with Daniel why she just donīt tell Jack itīs over and doesnīt run after Daniel? Whatīs holding her? It sure isnīt Jackīs PTSD because she couldnīt careless about that.

No reactions in this feel real. Everybody says "A" but nobody ever moves to "B". Itīs just drama for nothing to keep the stupid "triangle" going.

Worst story of the reset.
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