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But I do not believe she is hurting Dan, or at least there is nothing in SC's acting which makes me think he loves her that much. I think Jennifer is his current prize that he won over by taking advantage of her emotional state of nearly dying. He proves that he does not love her or trust her because with no evidence he immediately thought she had sex with Jack. Jack NOT once has accused her of that, despite her nearly having sex with Dan right in front of him. Jack is screwed either way, I am sure if Jack did not go through with this dating thing then Jennifer would tell him, "I knew it, you always run and you never really fight for me. So much for your promises of changing." Jack gets close to her and she bitches at him for getting too close without her having made her decision. Dan has Jack all ways to Sunday. He can out-maneuver Jack by using whatever Jack does. He knows he can kiss Jennifer in Jack's face because if Jack says anything Jack is the bad guy. He knows that if Jack does so even in private he can guilt trip Jennifer. He knows Jennifer will listen to him over Jack if he just plays it right.

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