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I loved manic Carrie tonight. Can't wait for the finale. Brody is one smart guy, always one ahead of the CIA.

Amazing episode tonight..That explosion scene was so badass and really well done...And really graphic..I swear Homeland, Revenge and American Horror story duke it out every week for my favorite new show..This has been such a strong season for new dramas..

But Homeland is not in your favourite show list! :P

This episode is totally Claire Danes emmy real...Wow, she was absolutely amazing..Words can describe how much I'm loving this show...Next weeks finale looks insane...But I ask myself, how does a show like this do a season 2? Asking myself the same question about Revenge and American Horror Story...

I thought about that for all those shows as well, but its quite doable. For this show, the plot with Brody to detonate himself only has to be thwarted to ensure a secod season where he goes on the run and tries a different terror plot. For Revenge, Emily gets her revenge on Victoria and then Victoria takes counter Revenge etc. Then the show becomes like DH and everyone stops watching. For AHS, have a new family move in each season. Some die and stay.

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