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Dec 16 2011, 05:58 AM
Bull shit. Tucker isn't taking away screen time from the other characters. If anything it's the opposite. Both Neil and jack have gotten more recently because of him. As for Jill there is plenty of opportunity to write her into several stories. Most notably with Billy and even victor since he just screwed over her son.

Tucker owns enough stock to be on the board. It's that simple.
Now that's what I call Bull shit! How long have you watched this program? Jacks time's been reduced and I've never seen so little of Neil & Jill in the history of Y&R.

Jack played a supporting role in getting Jabot back. Although he ended up with it all the drama and screen time revolved around Tucker's issues with Kay and Ashley. Neil's unemployed, they took the CEO of CI away from him, (and Jill) so Tucker could interact with Kay . Now they took away his adult son, giving him an infant in his place which isn't going to give him any screen time. Yolanda always gave the Winters story but she has already been hijacked into it being all about Tucker because she was sent to Katherine's home to live. We can only hope Yolanda ends up with Neil, otherwise his connection to Devon will be lost forever like Brad/Abby. Although I would love to know what Jill's up to, I don't know where Jill is working much less what she's doing. Nothing I suppose.

I realize Tucker has his little group of fans that follow him from show to show and think he's gods gift to the planet. The mere mention of his name may make their bodies tingle but I didn't see the viewers on the boards so thrilled about him, much less in awe of him, when he joined the show. I'm not sure I would find him attractive even if he was younger, but every one has different tastes.

Y&R has it's wrinkly old white man, lord and master of the town, in Victor. It used to be that blacks and woman were allowed to participate in the top rungs of business as long as he won in the end if he was in the battle. Tucker's arrival has made that a thing of the past. Neil is CEO of the unemployment line instead of NE or CI. Jill who was once CEO of Jabot then CI is....I'm not sure... I imagine still Laurens sister? Kay only owns half of what she controlled on her own for over 35 years. Sophia who's supposed to be no. 2 is at home along with Victoria dreaming of baby stuff.

In their place they are inserting another white wrinkly old man. The Father's Knows Best ideal of marriage & family that the writers have Billy/Victoria yearning for has now cleansed the boardrooms of GC back to the 50's too. I guess the two old wrinkly old men writers yearn for the days when old white men were king, women were home barefoot and pregnant, and blacks knew their place. Even the young white men on the show have been stunted, the legacy children are all grown up but treated like college boys instead of growing into positions of power and building families so the two old ones can control everything. In addition to it all being wrong- it's boring :sleep: ,extremely boring. It's that simple.
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