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Chex look what you've gone & done to me.. :hypnotize: :biggrin:

This quote comes from a Thomas Griffith interview with that Old soap mag called Daytime TV.

How do you and Mary get along off the set?
Thomas: Very well. She's a fine actress. Mary has a great straightforward quality about her. You can touch that and deal with it. I enjoy working with her.
Sally and Catlin's romance has progressed so slowly. Has that ever made your love scenes difficult?
Thomas: A little. There have been scenes Mary and I have together where I'd just naturally reach out and put my hands on her shoulders. All of a sudden the director would yell cut and tell me not to touch her. I guess it's because Sally and Catlin are supposed to fall in love gradually and they don't want me to rush it. So I've found myself really having to hold back sometimes.

:cloud9: SWOOOOOOOOOON~ He couldn't wait to touch her in their scenes :cloud9:
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