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After Sami and Rafe renew their vows, Will visits Marlena. "Ever since Marlena came back to Salem, there has been a strong bond between her and Will." Notes Chandler Massey (Will) "She gives Will love unconditionally, without asking for anything in return. She is basically the only person in Will's life who has done that for him. He really respects her and loves her more than anything in the world."

Marlena senses that something is troubling Will and she gently tries to draw him out. "Will trusts her more than anyone else especially his mom," asserts Massey. Will starts to unburden himself, but at the last moment, he pulls back, then says he is upset about his breakup with Gabi and problems at home. Marlena asks Will to consider moving in with her and John.

On New Year's Eve, Melanie and Sonny stop by the loft to pick up Will. A concerned Sami pulls Melanie aside and questions her and Will's dark mood. Melanie attributes it to his romance with Gabby ending. Next, Sami tries to make amends with Will, but he brushes her off.

At the celebration in Horton Town Square, Will watches the closeness between Sonny and his friend Tyler, who are both very at ease with being openly gay. Unable to handle it, Will flees the celebration. "Will is still very much in turmoil and still conflicted within himself, " explains Massey. "He is still dealing with the secret that he has to keep about his mother."

Will returns to one of the places where he feels safe, his grandmother's home. She senses that Will needs to talk. "Its absolutely vital that Will talk to someone." observes massey. Without warning, Will blurts that he saw Sami and EJ having sex.

"This is something that has been weighing on Will," voices Maseey. "It has disgusted him. He feels like his mother has betrayed his family. Harboring feelings like that, and not being able to tell anyone can do terrible things to a person. Will's emotions have reached a boiling point because he is angry about the whole vow renewal ceremony, and the way his mother is treating Rafe. Will has to say something or he would have exploded with rage."


SOW: Will Comes Clean With Marlena

While everyone else is in the festive mood, Will has little reason to celebrate the holidays. "Will is still very much in turmoil," points out Chandler Massey. "He's still dealing with the secret that he's keeping about his mother and EJ, and it's weighing on him."

The young man pays a visit to Marlena, who instantly realizes he's troubled. She tries to get Will to open up, but he covers that he's still shaken by his breakup with Gabi. Marlena, who is keenly aware that things are tense between Will and Sami, asks him to consider moving in with her and John.

On New Year's Eve, Will overhears Sami and Rafe in a heated discussion. "Will doesn't like the way that Sami is treating Rafe," asserts Massey. "He was disgusted by the wedding vow renewal ceremony and feels like his mother has betrayed the family because of what happened between her and EJ."

Sami worries that her son might know that she had sex with EJ. When Melanie and Sonny stop by to see Will, Sami takes Melanie aside and questions her about Will. Melanie says that Will is still hurting over losing Gabi. Sami is relieved and tries to make peace with her son, but he brushes her off.

That night, Will suprises Marlena with another visit. "She is the only person that Will feels comfortable around," states Massey. "When he's with Marlena, it's the only time that he doesn't have this wall of anger and sarcasm up around him." Will blurts to Marlena that he saw Sam and EJ having sex. She's stunned by the news.

"Will's emotions were at a boiling point," notes Massey. "It's was doing terrible things to him and finally, he had to say something."
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