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What was the point of having Constance's grandchild turn out to be a demon baby if we're never going to know what happens to him? I actually like the anthology idea a lot but it's kind of stupid to end it on a cliffhanger like that when most of the audience, who isn't going to be reading interviews with the producer, is going to tune in for next season and spend the first three shows wondering WTF is going on.

Jessica Lange is the only must-return out of the entire cast for me. I like both versions of Moira and Kate Mara's Hayden was awesomely cracked but I still could get by without them. I had had more than enough of Tate so if the actor returns I hope he's playing a completely different character. I also don't care for the actress who plays Violet.

All in all, though, I was entertained throughout most of the series and am glad I stuck with it after the pilot, which came very close to turning me completely off.
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