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I'm in the minority and was disappointed that Melanie won. I was hoping for Josh or Chris to win. I think that Chris had the "X factor", which IMO is "that something different that sets one apart from the others". He composed, sang, rapped, danced, played instruments, had loads of charisma, was good with the camera, drew in the audience - he had a lot of originality. Josh was a really good singer, played instruments, and gave very moving performances.

There is no doubt that Melanie had the best voice, she was deserving hands down if this was a singing competition based on just that, but IMO it was about something more, which I don't think she has.

As I had no doubt that Melanie and Chris would end up with some kind of recording career (winners or not), I was hoping for Josh to win, because I really hate the idea of him going back to just making burritos, and as the second runner up, he was clearly deserving too.
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