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Dec 9 2011, 11:36 PM
Would you guys please stop blaming Nicole for what happened,she didn't send Rachel home, America did, so why all the hate. If America wanted Marcus to go home he would've got the lowest amount of votes but he didn't so what's the problem.
My problem is that Nicole allowed it to go to deadlock... and not because she thought Marcus did a better performance or anything. She allowed it to go to deadlock because SHE COULDN'T MAKE A DECISION. She's a judge. One of her jobs as a judge is to pick who should go through. She couldn't do that. Therefore she failed at her job.

I remember when Simon allowed it to go to deadlock too, and Leroy ended up going home. I was pissed too. However, I wasn't as pissed as I am now because he actually had a reason for allowing it to go to deadlock. While with Nicole, she just couldn't choose and because she had no other choice, "picked" Rachel -- thus letting it go to a tie, which then resulted in Rachel going home. And so yes, some of that blame should go to Nicole!

Nicole kept saying "I can't make this decision... I can't make this decision." -- Well bitch, why the hell are you a fucking judge if you can't make a fucking decision when you're fucking supposed to?!?! Yes, it's not easy. I understand that. But I can't really sympathize with her too much, because making difficult decisions is just part of the job that she signed up for.

This has me more pissed than the elimination last week. I'm not sure why, though, because I love Drew and I've always found Rachel annoying. I think it's the fact that Nicole didn't have the balls to make a decision. With Drew's elimination, even though Nicole made what was in my opinion a *wrong* decision, at least it *was* a decision.
What's funny about this is on the UK version this year Kelly Rowland refused to vote as well (it was down to two of her acts), and there was no forcing of a deadlock. It just became a 3 person vote.
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