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If I have to watch the beast, then I would much rather have her do something that I believe is in character- and thats her feud with Carrie. As a Carrie fan, I hated Sami coming between them time and time again, but there was always a payoff. So although it may be repetitive it hasnt been done in years. And I really hate Carrie and Sami being all chummy. It doesnt ring true. Sure they can be civil, but to praise her to the high heavens about her raising her kids and being a career woman is more of this fake beast Sam, then the one I grew up with. This SL is TONS better than EJ and Sami fighting for their chURLdren for the 76656th time.

As for Carrie and Rafe not being the type to cheat. Well, Carrie has cheated, so there's history that says she would turn to sex given the circumstances. As for Rafe, we really dont know enough of his history to say either way. I think the writers should be putting doubts in his brain about the beast. One will be Kate's job, then her erratic behavior. Rafe may do something impulsive like sleep with Carrie if he finds out about beastsex. One problem with this story (other than it will probably be written so bad and too much beast) is Carrie's motivation to cheat with Rafe? Unless she sees a not to innocent teacher-student conference with Abby and she freaks out?
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