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Dec 26 2011, 01:05 PM
Dec 26 2011, 12:04 PM
IMHO you can write characters IN Character as adults with real conflicts and issues (relevant to who they are NOW) without relying on repeating history from 20 years past. Which IMO is exactly what the current writers are doing. I don't understand the need to revert Sami back to the 15 year old injured brat. There are better ways to introduce conflict between these two.

But then that would require some of the much needed creativity that is surely lacking in the current regime.
Im not saying to revert Sami, but she's been acting like a bitch even when people are praising her. I really dont see a difference in her personality, but I do see a difference in how everyone else treats her now and how men treat her now vs how she'd be the one chasing them back then. The only one to call Sami on her shit has been Will and Marlena. I think Carrie should also be one to see Sami self destructing.

It would be refreshing to me if Sami had to chase after Rafe because that is the Sami that I didnt mind as much and understood her motivations. I cant fathom any guy looking at her with her fucked up life and thinking..wow, shes so charming, carefree, loving woman and she's a great mother too! I CAN fathom her chasing a guy til he sees that she's tenacious like a pit bull- some guys like that. Rafe saw her as a bitch in the Safehouse and broke down to love her but it took them being together day after day for both to notice each other. The way they write Sami now is as if you see her and are entranced by her charm :puke:
Haven't watched for a month now so I can't speak for how Sami currently behaves. However, as someone that truly couldn't stand the character up until the Safe house story line, I have to say that I did see growth there. She was still a bitch, but genuinely began to understand the hurt she'd caused her children (especially Will), and I saw her actually attempt to right the damage she'd done. That's not saying that she still didn't have a selfish nature, but she genuinely tried to put her children first. Her behavior when she lost Grace was the total opposite of the NOT dead Johnny debacle, her first thought was how to tell Will and the other children as well as not wanting Will to find out about Grace's real parentage from anyone else (as opposed to trying to hide the truth which IMO is what old Sami would have done). I never saw Rafe as loving Sami because of her "charming nature," but because he saw through the bravado and understood the insecurity involved. He knows she's no prize but loves her anyway, and up until the "Tragic Mistake" she was always faithful (even when she considered him lost to her and was willing to accept EJ as a consolation prize). As for Sami chasing after a man no longer interested in her BTDT numerous times, more repeated history. What made the relationship with Rafe different was the fact that she didn't have to chase after him and she had matured enough to know that chasing after him wouldn't work, he knew her too well. When all is said and done, my interest in this show is pretty much over. I'm not interested in watching reverted characters and reverted relationships played out yet again. If Days can't move on I guess I'll have to.
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