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This is why this whole thing is totally plot driven, not character driven. This entire Rafe/Carrie thing is only a plot device to get the Carrie/Sami feud going once again. Rafe and Sami are being written totally out of character. Sami would have never cheated on her husband she was so in love with, and Rafe would never cheat on Sami with her sister-in-law. These writers can't come up with anything original so they are trying to go back to the days when Sami and Carrie were fighting over a man, blah, blah, blah. Been there, done that. It wasn't very interesting when it happened before, and it's not going to spark much interest this time either.
I don`t believe it is written out of character at all, granted I understand the fact that Sami never physically cheated. However I don`t think it is written out of character, is`nt this the same woman that emotionally cheated? If I am not mistaken, did`nt she tongue kiss Ej when he declared his love for her? The same woman that has been stringing each guy alone,so they can throw rose petals at her feet? :shrug: I just never understood how this is all of a sudden written out of character, cause Sami slept with Ej, she never hid her attraction before, so this is an exception? I`m sorry, but not buying that.

By the same token, I kinda can see Rafe being written out of character, cause he is assumed to be this good guy. I have more sympathy on him ( mainly cause I want him and Carrie go give in to temptation), cause he needs to know the real Sami. Not this princess good girl,YUCK, she never was.
Did you ever watch the version of Sami pre Ej coming to town? If you compare that version to the version post EJ, you'll see why many people are having issues with the way she has been portrayed since then. I started noticing the problem with Sami way back in 2007 when I kept reading about Sami always being fickle? I kept thinking to myself...where the hell are these people getting this from? She was NEVER fickle...she was ALWAYS a one woman man (one at a time obviously).....she loved that one person (or obsessed when it came to Austin) and she was ALL about that man. Then it changed over time and although in 2007 she was still shown to love Lucas deeply there was definitely a change in who her character became and that was all on Sheffer who apparently wanted to make two men fight over Sami. That had never happened before, men never 'fought' over her....she would always be in the triangle with another woman fighting for a man....

I personally have a hard time believing that Sami would EVER do what she did this time around, because it was such a part of her character (pre 2006) that is...that it's engrained in who she is. She feared this so much, she feared to be just like her mother and true it's soapy and all, and it's Karma for her treatment of Marlena through the years, but let's face it...it could have been done so much better. Sami cheating on Rafe with Ej is just stupid. There is no way she could ever know how Marlena felt and I don't even think that was the intent....I'm starting to think this was done so that Will can be the Sami to his parents. Sami always wanted her parents to get back together, Will is going to want the opposite of that simply because he thinks his mother is a cheap tramp. I see him and Kate teaming up to stop Lumi if they ever go there again.....
That's exactly my point. The "old Sami", the one that many want to return, is not the Sami we are seeing now, she's certainly not the Sami that I watched from the time she came on Days up until 2006. The "old Sami" never cheated on the man she truly loved, she was never fickle, not until the writers decided to make her that way to have two men fight over her.

The Sami we saw during the "summer of suck" was not the old Sami either, bouncing between two men, yet always knowing deep inside she only wanted Rafe. The old Sami would have never done that. That was Sami written totally out of character. This Sami I don't even recognize.
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