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"Enough is Enough" ruled that one out. Music rights were a factor here, moreso than ATWT. Eventually we can release that episode with a different song. It was so tied together for me I'm not sure how it will seem without Donna Summer.
Aw, I didn't even think about that. I agree, the song added a lot to those scenes.
Truly at the Four Musketeers Prom.
Almost Paradise for Beth & Lujack on the beach.

When I think of 80s soap moments where was usually a pop song being played. DAYS did montages all the time. Soaps paid for one time use of songs back then and it's a fortune to get the rights now. So the only ones that get to stay are usually the public domain Christmas songs.
IMO, that's why I think soaps that wrote their own love themes were smart. If 'Santa Barbara' ever sees the light of DVD day, I bet they won't have a problem with Cruz & Eden because 'The Change In Me' was written for the show (If I'm not mistaken).
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