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Jan 5 2012, 02:53 PM
Jan 5 2012, 02:32 PM
Last time I saw Rinna, she wasn't looking like a spring chicken either.
Peck and Pinson both have a little more youth to them than Muldoon and Rinna.
More than a little. Julie and Austin look WAY younger than Lisa and Patrick. In fairness, they are younger than them, but they look like 10 years younger, which they're not.

Interestingly, despite Austin being older than Billie for some reason, there has never been a pairing of Austin and Billie where Austin wasn't played by the younger actor. Lisa Rinna's older than Patrick Muldoon, Julie Pinson and Krista Allen are older than Austin Peck. If it had been Patrick and Julie, it would have looked right for the very first time.

Seriously, I wish they'd just brought Julie back. She was by far the best actress in the role, and it's not like she's got the "ugh bad recast" rep that Austin Peck had.
There's something very generic about Julie Pinson - which she sometimes compensates for by yelling her lines. Then again I only really saw her on PC and her awful run on ATWT, so she may have been great as Billie.
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