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Viewing Single Post From: Y&R: Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
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Jan 6 2012, 01:47 AM
LMFAO....look at MM's page. Every1 is bitchy on twitter and apparently he is upset about gaming the couple polls or some stuff. He is getting in a fight withy CBS SIDů I wonder if this is cuz Shadam ain't doing that hot in the polls?
LOL! What did he say??!! Do you have the exact quotes? Too bad I don't follow that bitch on twitter cuz he always seems to bring drama to the boards. What a trouble making Diva! It's always something new with him. All the other actors from Y&R get along just fine (tho MS has her cray cray days) but this egomaniac just loooooooves stirring shit up all the fucking time. He needs to seriously chill, yo.

Bet his ass wouldn't be complaining about no polls if HE was in them! :roflol: :whistling:

Gotta laugh at how full of himself he is tho. Check out his ballsiness. He actually thinks polls that don't have him at NUMBA ONE must be rigged since he's The AWESOMENESS!

Um, yeah, buddy, just because a couple of your squee-girling fans tell you you're AH-MAZING, dont make it so. Of course F-A-N-S following you on twitter are gonna say the the sun shines outta ya ass! They're FANZ!

I just can't with this guy. :facepalm: :shame: SMDH....
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