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He was implying that SID allows robovoting and that's why he's never on the lists for favorite actor. It was something along those lines. They went back and forth.

Quite a few peeps jumped in.

tommiecas Tom Casiello
Hey, here's a newsflash for the debate. No writer on any soap has ever made a story or casting decision based on a mag or 'net poll. Ever.

SC & JM's tweets were funny today.

sharonlcase sharon case
its not a frisbee, look again, its the 14kt rock vic gave me #richhusbands :))) @Francesco7 @JoshuaMorrowYR

JoshuaMorrowYR Joshua Morrow
“@Spurohit20: I think @sharonlcase is winning, she has the ninja inside her” RT WELL NOT AT THE MOMENT SHE DOESN'T. #OHHHYEA.

JoshuaMorrowYR Joshua Morrow
“@sharonlcase: its not a frisbee, look again, its the 14kt rock vic gave me #richhusbands :))) RT WHERE U GUYS REGISTERED? AARP R US?

JoshuaMorrowYR Joshua Morrow
“@Francesco7:@sharonlcase OMG!! You R killing it! Lol! Come back Sharon. Don't let it stop there:)” RT SHE BROT A FRISBEE 2 A GUN FIGHT LOL

JoshuaMorrowYR Joshua Morrow
“@DianaLoSchiavo: @JoshuaMorrowYR nic needs to make up his damn mind lol !”. RT YUR ASSUMING HE HAS ONE

JoshuaMorrowYR Joshua Morrow
Sharon chose Adam over nick.Who is a suspectd killer, baby stealer, blackmailer,schemer,manipulator and liar.Why wud nick bworried? #really

JoshuaMorrowYR Joshua Morrow
“@sharonlcase: @JoshuaMorrowYR in contrast, nick chooses such...uh..winners. #daytimedramarocks”. RT TRUE. DRAMA INDEED. LOL

JoshuaMorrowYR Joshua Morrow
“@sharonlcase: @JoshuaMorrowYR nick, is that u? stop trying to take faith away from me.” RT STOP BANGIN THE DEVIL

JoshuaMorrowYR Joshua Morrow
“@ElaKuz: @TorontoBgirl plus, nick cheated on her after the death of their daughter. What does that make him?” RT A CHEATER?
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