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MM tends to get all dramatic on Twitter and take shit seriously. I mean, is a poll that important?

I think he should be grateful to just be a working actor with a steady gig and has a character who is getting screentime. A lot of actors out there aren't getting gigs at all and he's bitching about a poll? Really, that's just earthshattering brah.

I really want to like MM. I think he's a great actor and all. But he's sounding like a egoist to me more and more lately. I like the actors that go to work and then go home and that's it.

To be frank, this guy wasn't setting the world on fire before he got the Y&R gig. So I wish he'd get that bug out of his ass and just chill about this crap. Why does it bother him so much? He's actually gotten a lot more attention/press than his costars have so please shut up, you know?
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