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Jan 18 2012, 07:55 PM
Jan 18 2012, 07:23 PM
Jan 18 2012, 06:26 PM
Damn... I haven't posted on here in awhile.

The set looks pretty good, in terms of episode selection. It must have been ridiculously hard to pick 20 episodes, keeping in mind music rights and other logistical issues. I would have LOVED to have seen one of the Cliff House episodes, but even that one, I believe, has music issues depending on which episode picked. I'm not going to lie... Not *too* thrilled there's a 2009 episode mixed in. I'd rather leave Peapack as a rather shitty forgotten dream.

Hopefully we can get a Volume 2 for more episodes.

By the way... Really small typo correction: The Maureen episode from Disc 2 is from 1993.
I've noticed a few typos on the website (shouldn't be on the actual DVD). I'm waiting till the dust clear to tell them in case they are still updating.

There definitely will be more as long as these sets keep selling.
Great news! I hope they can also somehow acquire the rights to the NBC/ABC/CBS soaps (Not sure how that would work... I think the Networks would have to give permission). It would be a great treat for fans of the recently cancelled shows to see some old episodes.
There's enough work for years here just encoding these episodes. Would be nice though. Hopefully ABC or Sony or any other production companies will release more shows on DVD.
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