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All this for a three week rest of the character? And I didn't understand the part about "their failed marriage". They have known each othe for about a year now and she acts with him they way you would assume she would act with Jack but instead she is treating Jack like some ex she hasn't seen in 20 years who still holds a flame for her while she moved on years ago. I have yet to see her even shed more then a tear for her failed marriage with Jack. Really can't stand this triangle put her with Dan and lets move on. One last rant. What is up with cutting a scene at the climax of the drama and then never returning to it? Jennifer and Daniel where in the square on Tuesday about to have this big emotional moment and bam the scene ends and its the next day. They did this a lot in the begining with Jack and Jennifer when Jack returned. I don't know about any of you but those are the scenes I watch for but for some reason they are cutting them out. :shrug:
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