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Feh. Break-up #5000 for Jen-Jen and Dr. Dick of Steel, Spine of Jello. More Dannifer propping from MR, trying to sell this tedious twosome as some great love affair. Not looking forward to Jen-Jen's inevitable display of waterworks--wonder if they'll have her falling on the floor again. And once more, total silence from SC, who hasn't said one word to promote this or any other of his character's storylines.

And Jack has walked away too, so I don't see how this is supposed to give J&J the chance to see if they belong together. Jack said it himself--Daniel being out of the equation (or even out of town) means squat if Jen-Jen is still hung up on him. And Doc Douche is coming back in about a month, anyway, so this is all much ado about nothing.

Can't at least one of the soap mags promote Jack's therapy session with the vets instead?
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