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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I've been avoiding these shows on principle in my disappointment with ABCD cancelling the soaps, but while in a waiting room several hours today I wound up catching these shows.


I mean the part of the GH episode I watched today was also awful, but by the standard of talk shows the thing was just terrible.

The Chew spent like 3 acts with some C-List cable network actor from some USA show where he just talked obnoxiously about "zesting" over and over while Mario Batali made some gross mussels-breading dish. Then they got out this Operation game that they put Mario's face on (I guess he plays a doctor on the USA show) and the segment was dumb as hell.

I think the panel had 5 people but I swear in the entire time I was watching only 3 of them actually talked. It was just weird.

Then "The Revolution" started with all the revolters walking on a treadmill and you had Tim Gunn coming out in a nice suit walking on the treadmill and acting like he was too feeble or inept to actually walk on one that was so ridiculous and fake.

Then you got into the show and it just seemed like a poorly executed rip-off of "the Doctors" without the hottie that is Travis leading the panel.

If they're done with soaps... fine... but can't ABC put on game shows or something at that hour? Because these shows STINK.
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