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I have to say that during the holidays I did watch The Chew-- they had some good recipes and we were looking for some new recipes for the holidays and they came through. I don't mind this show-- will it be there in a year or two? I'm thinking not but it's OK. I really did try The Revolution, I mean I really did try it. Actually, my hubby and I tried watching it and I think after about 10 minutes of the show, we turned it off. We thought it was awful-- really awful. Ty taking off price tag stickers from casserolle dishes with baby oil- who didn't know that? (you could do it with any oil based liquid-- veggie oil works too--had to put that out there for Ty! LOL) The Tim Gunn segments were painful to watch. I'm talking P.A.I.N.F.U.L.! I don't get the theme of this show. The Chew-- it is what it is-- you cook, you learn some recipes and you're done but with this show, I just didn't "get" what it was trying to accomplish. I honestly don't see how this show will make it past the fall. I just don't.

After we watched the show for a few minutes, my thought was GH has some life left in it-- there's just no way ABC could take off GH for a train wreck like this.

Truthfully too, I don't see Katie Couric doing well either. In my opinion, I don't think she should have left The Today Show-- that was her speciality. The group morning news she does well, I don't see where she'll do well with her own talk show. I don't think she's a strong enough interviewer to accomplish this. She's not Ellen and she's not Anderson I think she pales in comparison to these two and I just don't see her doing well.
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