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Okay, I almost busted a rib laughing at the planking girl. How random, LOL! I'll admit, I was too distracted by the ridiculousness to pay attention to her sister.

I liked the Korean guy. There's just something cutely dorky about him.

I agree with y'all, the contestant who covered the Family Matters theme was good!

Travis (the guy from last season) - Didn't think there was anything special about him, but I'm not disappointed that he made it through. His story was terrible; what a bitch his mom is for abandoning her sons for another man!

LOVE the mobile DJ. Her voice is so sexy and sultry!

Totally agree with AllmyDays re: the last girl. I have a feeling she will go far!
There are so many talented females this season (and we're barely on the second audition!). I love how they're not just the typical cookie-cutter type artists. They all have a distinct personality and unique sound to them. Hell yeah, I think it's time for a girl to win!
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