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First off, they need to stop showing the irritating, soul-less 15 year-olds and emphasizing how they grew up with Idol. It makes me feel old. And really, several of them should form a group, balance out each others blandness by having a variety of personalities to attract fans. Then one can emerge with a solo career, maybe.

Second, that douchebag with the pregnant wife who turned down a job to go on the show...seriously, bro? I wanted to crawl through the tv and beat the shit out of him. Such a sad statement on American culture, all these people seeking salvation through reality tv. And this idiot, with his idiot wife ("Once you have a kid you can't just pick up and go" though it's OK while she's pregnant, I guess that doesn't mean he's got a kid yet?!). Just...obnoxious. Selfish and obnoxious.

I've yet to be blown away- or even really interested in- anyone. Mostly I think I'm waiting to see what happens in the ratings when The Voice comes back.
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