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Jan 22 2012, 05:59 AM
I think The Chew has some potential, if they stop treating viewers like feces-flinging monkeys, and if they get rid of at least two or three of the hosts.

The Revolution - it sounds like this show had big problems before it ever hit the air. The disastrous ratings for this just set up a path for having nothing in this timeslot at all. I wonder if ABC had this planned all along, so no one will care if they pull the plug on daytime.
The thing about the Revolution is I remember reading that TPTB at Disney/ABC daytime were SO EXCITED over Frons' vision of "the revolution" that they decided to cancel both AMC and OLTL. At first it was just going to be one soap cancelled (most likely AMC) and having the AWFUL Chew replace it but they got super high on the REVOLSION and decided to can OLTL along w/AMC.

The Chew is a hot mess I hate shows where they try and force feed me this idea that these people are all so "chummy". Mario Batali looks like he's in HELL and I can take Clinton Kelly on that TLC show but he's trying wayyyy too hard and don't even get me started on that chick w/the glasses from Top Chef. Just horrendous. And I refuse to even put the Revulsion on. I just have to sit back and smile seeing how FRONS" BABIES are sucking so bad.

Its just a shame OLTL had to be sacrificed. :shame:
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