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^ My face watching DAYS

Jan 19 2012, 09:00 PM
Jan 19 2012, 08:37 PM
I think it's interesting that Colton Dixon is back. Let's see how far he makes it this season. LOL at the pissed off faces his sister was making. :laugh:
LOL, yeah, his sister looked mad! But I don't know... I have a feeling that the whole thing was just an act and was all planned out by their parents or something. Or maybe I'm just thinking too much about it.

I wasn't too impressed with Phillip Phillips...until he played Thriller. He busted his string and kept on playing without losing his concentration. That was pretty cool.
His 'Thriller' cover was much better than his 'Superstition' one. I'm a bit confused on why they let him use the guitar... I thought instruments weren't allowed in auditions? :shrug:

Can't comment on the rest because I haven't seen tonight's show yet (West coaster here!).

ETA: I love your Clueless avvie Layla! :)
Thanks! I love that movie. :D
I agree on the avi...KICK ASS!
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