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Jan 24 2012, 12:25 PM
Jan 23 2012, 11:45 PM
Jan 23 2012, 02:59 PM
However, I'd be shocked if MarDar ever wrote a storyline in which characters were allowed to actually acknowledge that Daniel is anything other than Lord Glitter Dick....
OMG, I'm dying here. That's the absolutely most hilarious Daniel name I've seen yet. Someone call Dreamer over so she can get it for her sig.

What is up with the makeup and hair depts and Missy Reeves? This is a beautiful woman. Why does she look like a Twilight reject on my screen every day?

I want to see Jack have a massive blowout with Jennifer. Back in the day, Jack could cut people to shreds with that wit, and while I know Jack is a much more open person, I think it's time for him to close up the doors a bit with Jen-Jen.

Can't wait for Jack's vet episode on Thursday 'cause I know MA will completely rock it. I'm trying to figure out how Jennifer will make Jack's therapy all about her, though.
Here my list of Dr. Daniel Jonas' alias, as per DR member posts.
Some of them are really comical. Have a great laugh!!

1. Bone Man 2. Chester the Molester 3. Dan the Man 4. DanTan 5. Doc Freud Jr. 6. Doc HappyHappyJoyJoy 7. Doc How Can I get Laid If I Cannot Perform Surgery? 8. Doc Orange Penis 9. Doc OrangeEggsAndHamBaby 10. Doc Porn Reject 11. Doucheman 12. Douchester 13. Dr. Bangmyfemalepatients 14. Dr. Blondielocks (What Jack refers to Daniel) 15. Dr. Bonas 16. Dr. Bronzetan 17. Dr. Cheeto 18. Dr. Chester 19. Chester Cheetos 20. Dr. Dan 21. Dr. Dirty 22. Dr. Douche 23. Douchebag 24. Dr. Dreamsicle 25. Dr. Dreamsicle Wonderballs 26. Dr. Dreamy Wonderballs 27. Dr. Dudleydorightan 28. Dr. Fake Orange Tan 29. Dr. Fake Tan 30. FakeFreaking Horton 31. Dr. Feelgood 32. Dr. FeelMeUp 33. Dr. Firecrotch 34. Dr. Fuckstick 35. Dr. Jesus Jonas 36. Dr. Leatherface 37. Dr. Lech 38. Dr. Magic Orange Balls 39. Dr. Magic Penis 40. Dr.Magoo 41. Dr. McYucky 42. Dr. Mistletoe Molester 43. Dr. Moral High Ground (What Jack refers to Daniel) 44. Dr.Noble 45. Dr. Nobleman 46. Dr. Orange Dong 47. Dr. Orange Magic Penis 48. Dr. Orange Magic Weiner 49. Dr. Orangeballs 50. Dr. OrangeGlow 51. Dr.Orangeman 52. Dr. OrangeTan 53. Dr. Perfect 54. Dr. Perma Tan 55 Dr. Perv 56. Dr. Pervert 57. Dr. Phoney Fake Tan 58. Dr. Puke 59. Dr. Rainbow King 60. Dr. Reliable 61. Dr. SantaSpooge 62. Dr. Savior 63. Dr. Scumbag 64. Dr. Sleaze 65. Dr. Sleazeball 66. Dr. Strange Love 67. Dr. Tan 68. Dr. Tan Wonderballs 69. Dr. Tanhoe 70. Dr. Tanning Bed 71. Dr. Woe is me 72. Dr. Wonderballs 73. Dr. Wonderful 74. Eggbaby 75. Faux Horton 76. Golden Orange One 77. Gropeytanman 78. Jesus of Salem 79. Machoman 80. Miracle Dan 81. OrangaDan 82. Orange Glow 83. Orange Menace 84. OrangeUTan 85. Pervy Doctor Dan 86. Sacred Tanned Once 87. Shaggyraggytanman 88. Saint Daniel the Divine Savior of Salem 89. St. Dan Dreamsickle 90. St. Daniel 91. TanMan 92. Taniel 93. Tanned One 94. The Orange One 95. Dr. Pumpkin Penis 96. Mr. Stable and Dependable 97. Doctor Orange Dick 98. Dr. God 99. Prodigal Son 100. Tanny 101. Dr. Do No Wrong Dong 102. Mr. Good Guy 103. Doc Orange Hole 104. Daniel 'Shaky Hands' Jonas, 105. Lord Glitter Dick 106, Doc Orange Wonderballs 107. Dr. Dick of Steel, spine of Jello, 108. Aloha Dan, 109. Danny Boy 110. Dr. D
where my nicename to daniel dr. mcsleazy
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